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Corporate Training Support Operations Programs

Whether small business or large corporation, DCAPS provides experience with numerous years in special operations military strategy, leadership, operations, leadership, and training. We offer the unique capability to provide not only analysis and training but also personnel to actively contribute towards business solutions. Relying on such skill sets as: dynamic air-ground communication integration, business process management, and professional personnel integration.


Military Training Support Operations Programs

DCAPS Middle East's objective is to integrate and synchronise capabilities of the military departments by providing “subject-matter-expertise” (SME) Consulting and Professional Services in direct support of training and equipping of military forces, assisting the coordination of military deployments and teaming efforts to support Military Operations.


Government Training Support Operations Programs

During this time of change with security threats and various challenges posing UAE Government Agencies, DCAPS Middle East's objective is to extend similar advanced military tactics, techniques and procedures into government benchmarking. As government agencies realign their Training and Operations in reaction to UAE threats, DCAPS ME provides diverse and unique Training, Support, and Operational Programs that Governments can benchmark against. That is, they compare and measure their policies, practices, philosophies, and performance measures against previous and current military tactics, techniques and procedures. For Other Governmental Agencies (OGA’s), Military and Government functions are normally integrated.

With numerous years of special operations military leadership and experience, DCAPS Middle East can provide “subject-matter-expertise” consulting and professional services across a wide range of training and operational environments, Globally.